The GAG-DB database contains the three-dimensional structures of Proteins and GAG that have been crystallized with or without their carbohydrate (glycans) ligands and non-carbohydrate ligands (see Background for detailed information).

The following options for searching are available:
 1.	Keywords
 2.	Kingdom order, carbohydrate binding site class and species family
 3.	Monosaccharide and associate IUPAC sequence
 4.	Search by binding site fold
 5.	Search by multiple criteria

Once selected, gag can be explored (and their features pictured and downloaded):
 6.	Sequence (with the UniProt AC)
 7.	Structure (with the PDB ID)

For each lectins a detailed page is available with 3D visualization, interactions and links to external databases.
1. Searching by Keywords
  The search  can be performed by entering keywords by textual input : i.e. human, PDB code, UniProt accession number, protein name, type of domains, fragment of glycan sequence,  or textual fragments of the title of a publication.,….i.e : human, 1TL2 (PDB), Q47200 (UniProt), GalNAc, Lewis,….

Example: Entering “human” in the search box, will return the following.
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